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macOS - RME Interface is not recognized after successful installation?
Starting with the 10.13.2 update for macOS High Sierra, a new security feature requires users to approve new applications that interact with the kernel, a core part of the operating system. Find out how to authorize your Interface manually in System Preferences / 'Security and Privacy'. Help for High Sierra / Mojave Installation PDF.

RME Audio Forum

RME Audio User Forum

RME provides an official web forum, accessable with any modern internet browser. Postings need a registration as forum user. Browser and Firewall should support cookies to save your username and password between visits and avoid a new login. (More information about Privacy Policy)

The official RME forum puts you in contact with many other RME users from all around the world. Often you will find this a source for quick help, but it's also fun just to share experience with others.

Please note: As this is a world wide forum, the preferred language is English. Please note also the forum is not an official support substitute. A gapless reply to support question is not possible, due to the plenitude of postings.

Please check also All manuals of the current and former RME products.


RME Audio TotalMix FX for Beginners Tutorials Series


TotalMix FX Beginner's Guide

Watch the tutorial on YouTube


macOS High Sierra and Higher, Driver Installation for RME Audio Interfaces


If you have Problems under macOS High Sierra 10.13 and your RME Audio Interface is not being recognized, TotalMixFX can’t be opened or having issues with Sample Rate in the Settings dialog, please take a look at the following Video and find out how to authorize your Interface.

Watch the tutorial on YouTube


TotalMix FX DAW Mode for RME Audio Interfaces


Since the release of Version 1.30 TotalMix FX comes equipped with an alternative operational mode called the „DAW Mode“. It is essentially a more streamlined and simplified interface for users who don’t need the full feature set of TotalMix FX

Watch the tutorial on YouTube


RME Audio Babyface Pro and TotalMix FX for iPad


Apple’s iOS devices, primarily the iPad, have gained a lot of attention amongst musicians. Hundreds of music apps and software instruments have been developed in recent years, making the iPad a serious alternative to conventional music making on the computer. But the downside of Apple`s iPad is the lack of professional analog inputs and output.

Watch the tutorial on YouTube


How to setup Logic Pro X with RME Audio Interfaces


In this short beginners Tutorial you will learn how to setup an RME Audio Interface with Logic X.

Watch the tutorial on YouTube


How to setup Ableton Live with RME Audio Interfaces


In this short beginners Tutorial you will learn how to setup an RME Audio Interface with Ableton Live.

Watch the tutorial on YouTube

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