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Phil Greiss

Phil Greiss

Phil Greiss

A born musician, award winning & Gold & Platinum Composer/Producer/Engineer Phil Greiss left his mark on many successful records in France & in Canada, as well as crafting musical signatures for numerous TV commercials & shows.

During the last 14 years he has written, produced & mixed hits for well known artists such as Corneille, Gage, Idir and many more. His latest achievement, "DIMA" by ZAHO has stirred up all of Europe and Africa, earning many awards in 2008 & 2009. The album has been certified PLATINUM at the end of 2009 and ZAHO was also nominated in the "female artist of the year" category at the NRJ MUSIC AWARDS 2010.

"I first got my hands on the Fireface 800 because I needed an audio interface that could do the job in the studio and on the road, with great A/D and D/A conversion capabilities. But when I realized the incredibly flexible routing possibilities of the unit, it became the center of my production environment."

"When I started the mixdown of the album DIMA, the quality of the converters and the routing capabilities of the Firefaces allowed me to use them as DA's alongside some other higher priced, rented gear, and they stood up... they really made a serious impression on me. The Fireface 800's were feeding my Dangerous 2bus summing box and I would send the stereo output of that to my Lavry Blue AD converters, and then shoot that back to the software through the digital input of the Fireface wich allowed me to apply some real time software mixbuss processing while enjoying the analog summing provided by the Firefaces feeding the summing box, and then send that out through the digital output of the Fireface 800 and into the AES input of the Lavry blue DA's for monitoring, essentially re-creating the very current "hybrid" setup found in most pro studios, with hard disk playback and digital processing coupled with the large console analog summing"