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EPROM Updates for revision 1.1 boards

In the first months of 'Project Hammerfall' and 'Hammerfall Light' production several improvements were implemented into the hardware. The hardware definition is stored in a non-soldered EPROM. This allows a simple update of the hardware by exchanging the EPROM.

RME offers an update to the final version, which includes the following improvements:

  • Bugfix SPDIF record distorted when ZLM active *
  • Bugfix SPDIF ZLM not working *
  • Bugfix SPDIF Channel Status wrong when MME stopped *
  • Optimization of the PCI bus throughput (higher performance, silver label 9652 or 9636)
  • Optimization of small latencies (1.5, 3 and 6 ms)

* These three items affect only a very small number of the earliest cards.

When do you need an EPROM update?

First of all please check if your Hammerfall is a hardware revision 1.1 (see below.) If so all of the above is already fixed, in case the EPROM is labeled 'W52' (for Windows 9652) or 'W36' (for Windows 9636.) This version was shipped since early 2000. As long as the software Gigasampler/Gigastudio (GigaX) of Nemesys isn't used no further EPROM update is necessary.

Since driver version 2.51 the Hammerfall supports Gigasampler and Gigastudio using the GSIF interface. Note that all Hammerfalls of hardware version 1.1 need an EPROM update for this. The new EPROMs are labeled 'W52_G' or 'W36_G'. Without this update playback is interrupted in GigaX operation.
An EPROM update is not necessary when the card's hardware revision is 1.1 and the EPROM is labeled 'W52_G' (for Windows 9652) or 'W36_G' (for Windows 9636.)

How to identify revision 1.1 boards

The hardware revision 1.1 can be identified by:

  • 'Rev. 1.1' printed on the pcb, above the IC labeled Xilinx
  • 32-pin EPROM in PLCC format, located beside the optical ADAT1 connectors

The final EPROM of revision 1.1 can be recognized by a label showing 'W52_G' (for Windows 9652) or 'W36_G' (for Windows 9636.) All other marks (for example 9652) or a missing label indicate an older hardware version.

Removing the EPROM is complicated and needs a special tool. We therefore recommend to let your local dealer do the update. The final EPROM is only available at your local dealer/distributor.



EPROM Update for revision 1.5/1.6 boards
There is no EPROM update for hardware revision 1.5 and 1.6 available, as all fixes and updates - including GigaX - support are already implemented.

The hardware revision 1.5 can be identified by:

  • 'Rev. 1.5' or 'Rev. 1.6' printed on the pcb, above the IC labeled Xilinx
  • 8-pin EPROM on DIL socket in the middle of the board, labeled W52 or W36 (Windows), or M52 and M36 (Mac)

Since June 2000 hardware revision 1.5/1.6 is shipping. These cards are already equipped with the final EPROM version including GigaX support. The cards shipped as Mac version also use board revision 1.5.




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