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03/28/2006, Press Information RME
News for Musikmesse Frankfurt


Fireface 400 - 36-Channel 24 Bit/192 kHz FireWire Audio Interface
ADI-6432 - 64-channel MADI from/to AES Format Converter
MADI Converter - 6 x MADI Format Converter coaxial/optical


RME's Fireface 400 - a fiery little brother!

36-Channel 24 Bit/192 kHz FireWire Audio Interface

At this year's Frankfurt Musikmesse, RME will be introducing the little brother of its Fireface 800 - a device that has revolutionized the world of FireWire audio interfaces. Rather than simply being a compact version of its illustrious relative, the portable, fiery little Fireface 400 is a newly designed product whose flexibility, features and performance sets it apart from other devices. With a unique feature set and unparalleled capability, the Fireface 400 sets new standards among 19-inch half-rack products in much the same way as its brother has in the full 19-inch category.

With RME's extensive FireWire performance and analog/digital circuitry expertise invested in its design the Fireface 400 is the only device in its category to offer active jitter suppression, stand-alone MIDI functionality, direct device operation, professional quality I/Os, and an unsurpassed 648-channel matrix router! And, everything is operational up to 192 kHz!

RME's recording interface technology is renowned for some distinguishing characteristics and features. Included in the Fireface 400:

- Support for up to 192 kHz
- Two digitally controlled high-quality mic preamps
- Two balanced universal line/instrument inputs
- SteadyClock for maximum jitter suppression and clock refresh
- Simple stand-alone operation via display and rotary encoder
- TotalMix: 648-channel mixer with 42 bit internal resolution
- 54 level meters displaying Peak and RMS, calculated in hardware
- Full mobility with reliable bus power support
- Fully identical feature set on Windows and Mac

Thanks to the DSP-based TotalMix mixers, all 18 input and playback channels can be routed and mixed to any of the 18 physical outputs. This makes the Fireface 400 an indispensable tool for monitoring, with up to 9 completely independent stereo sub-mixes possible. Copy/paste of routings, fader grouping and the unique matrix window represent just some of the other outstanding features. All mix functions can be remotely controlled via MIDI using a Mackie-compatible controller.

The 8 channels from the ADAT optical I/O can be used simultaneously with the analog channels. The coaxial SPDIF I/O is fully AES/EBU compatible (as always with RME) and can operate up to 192 kHz. The optical SPDIF, alternatively provided via the ADAT I/O, also operates up to 192kHz. Rounding off the Fireface 400's feature set is a word clock in- and output (BNC), plus two low jitter, high-speed MIDI in/outs (using 5-pin DIN), culminating in a versatile, user-friendly product of the highest quality.

Available during May, the Fireface 400 will retail at a price below 900,-


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Fireface 400 front/rear:

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RME presents the brand new RME ADI-6432 MADI-to-AES Converter

The upcoming Frankfurt Music Fair will see the launch of the extraordinary new ADI-6432 MADI-to-AES Converter, another important component joining the Premium Line of MADI products from RME.

The ADI-6432 is a 64-channel bi-directional MADI - AES converter. The compact device (19", 2U) supports 64 channels at up to 48 kHz, 32 channels at up to 96, and 16 channels at up to 192 kHz, all at 24 bit. All channels are transferred via a single cable, either MADI coaxial (BNC) or MADI optical (network cable). A typical application would be to use two units as a digital multicore. Connected to the RME HDSP MADI card, the ADI-6432 turns into an external AES/EBU interface with up to 32 stereo AES/EBU inputs and outputs.

For the first time, a 19" RME device is 2U in height. This way, in spite of the number of connectors on the rear panel, there is no lack of space, and cabling is very convenient. The front panel features a detailed display with 97 LEDs for sync, lock and audio states of all I/Os, and a number of buttons with LED display for configuring the device's settings. Of course any number of units can be cascaded and synchronized with sample accuracy.

Many well-known features of other RME devices have been included, e.g. SteadyClock for excellent reclocking and jitter suppression, direct clocking via MADI (no Word Clock required), full compatibility with third-party MADI devices and invisible transfer of MIDI and RS232 serial data within the MADI stream. The ADI-6432 is fully MIDI controllable, by the 5-pin DIN connector and MIDI over MADI.

The ADI-6432 will be available in stores from May 2006.

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ADI-6432 front/rear:

ADI-6432 internal, HDSP MADI card with ADI-6432, multicore with 2 x ADI-6432, MADI merger with 2 ADI-6432:


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RME MADI Converter for professional Digital Audio Applications

The perfect companion to RME's MADI Bridge converts 6 coaxial MADI signals to optical and vice versa.

RME's new MADI converter will be presented on the Frankfurt Musikmesse. This highly practical device, a new item in RME's Premium Line series, converts MADI digital audio streams from optical format to coaxial and from coaxial to optical. The compact 19" 1U unit device contains 6 fully independent bi-directional converters.

All 12 inputs are equipped with status LEDs on the front panel. Any input signal will pass through absolutely unaltered. Therefore the MADI converter will operate with any MADI format, be it 56-channel, 64-channel, and with any sample rate, even out-of-spec rates, and will transfer invisible control bits unchanged. Special equalisation and highly sensitive input stages allow distances of up to 100 meters coaxial cables. Up to 2000 meters can be covered with optical cables.

Additionally, a MIDI distributor allows copying one MIDI input signal to three MIDI outputs. This feature replaces an external MIDI distributor.

The MADI converter is an ideal companion to RME's MADI Bridge. Its six coaxial inputs and outputs can be converted to optical, which is advantageous in live and installed setups, and for longer cable lengths. The device can be placed underneath the MADI Bridge ideally; the coaxial in- and outputs of the two devices will be right next to each other vertically, and can be connected with short patch cables.

The specially developed internal high performance switching power supply allows operation of the MADI converter with voltages ranging from 100 to 240 V AC worldwide. It is short-circuit-proof, has an integrated line-filter, is fully regulated against voltage fluctuations, and suppresses mains interference.

The MADI converter will be available from RME dealers in May 2006.

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MADI Converter front/rear:

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