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2000 News!
Nov 9, 2000 The Download page hosts a bunch of updated drivers!
Nov 8, 2000 Fostex America bundles their D-2424 Recording System with RME's Hammerfall and C-Console!

D2424 RECORDING SYSTEM - includes 3 main components:
*D2424 24bit/96kHz 24-track hard disk recorder
*HAMMERFALL 24+2 digital I/O sound card
*C-CONSOLE - full function monitor/remote software
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Nov 8, 2000 BPM Studio, the world's best DJ/MP3 software, is now available with a special DIGI96/8 bundle!

ALCATech offers a Bundle of BPM Studio home and professional with the digital multichannel card DIGI 96/8 and the internal DA converter module AEB8-O. By Alcatech's experience in testing soundcards with BPM Studio DIGI 96/8 is one of the best to use multi channel card and now also available with a DA converter for 8 analog outputs. 
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Sep 22, 2000 Update: Windows NT 4.0 driver version 3.84
Sep 22, 2000 Update: Windows 2000 driver version 1.2
Sep 18, 2000 Update: 2 new Reference PC: AMD Athlon and Dual CPU
Sep 22, 2000 Visit us at the AES Convention in Los Angeles, from 22. to 25th September 2000. 
It is with great pleasure that RME will be joined by C-Mexx and Audio Service under the hood of our US distributor, X-Vision AudioUS, at booth #1756. Collectively, these companies are building a brand new vision and a strong alliance that will shape the future of digital audio. We hope to see you there!

On September 23rd a demonstration of High-Resolution Audio over the Internet takes place. RME's Hammerfall is part of the demonstration. Date, place and more info.

Aug 8, 2000

RME headquarters, Germany

Not Britney Spears, WE did it again!

RME is proud to release the world's first and only unlimited Windows 2000 Plug and Play (WDM) driver! Don't get fooled by manufacturer's telling you Windows 2000 WDM will cause at least 30 ms latency and won't support more than 10 devices. Our new Windows 2000 driver for the whole RME family of cards (DIGI32, 96 and Hammerfall series) includes multi-card operation, ASIO 2.0, multi-client operation under MME, supports multi-processor systems, up to three Hammerfalls (78 channels I/O!), and latencies down to 1.5 ms.

Don't waste your time any longer, join the RME family now!

Aug 8, 2000

GSIF for Hammerfall!

Long awaited, here it is: the new driver 2.51 includes support for Gigasampler/Gigastudio. And it was worth the wait! With the latest update of Gigastudio/Sampler to GSIF version 1.7 the Hammerfall can work under GSIF with the same efficiency as under ASIO!. But that's not all: GSIF and ASIO can be used simultaneously, with full hardware performance (0% CPU technology)! Please note that all Hammerfall with hardware version 1.1 need an EPROM update to use GSIF.

Aug 1, 2000 New Windows 98 driver for DIGI96 series. Includes support for GSIF (Gigasampler/Gigastudio.) ASIO and GSIF operational simultaneously!
Aug 1, 2000 Analog Expansion Boards (AEB) shipping!
Aug 1, 2000 Hammerfall Mac shipping!
Aug 1, 2000 ADI-8 DS shipping!
Aug 1, 2000 Prices lowered! Thanks to the high volumes shipping we are able to produce at lower prices. And this advantage is given to you, our customers! DIGI96/8 and DIGI96/8 PRO 10% off!
Aug 1, 2000 New Windows 98 driver for DIGI96 series. Includes multi-DirectSound, simultaneous MME/DirectSound operation and full USB compatibility!
Aug 1, 2000 New Windows 98 driver for Hammerfall series. Includes full USB compatibility!
Aug 1, 2000 New EPROM for Hammerfall series. Get 1.5 ms now!
Aug 1, 2000 Analog Expansion Boards for DIGI96 series. 4 or 8 analog inputs or outputs - a flexible and affordable addition for all ADAT capable RME cards.
Aug 1, 2000 Hammerfall Mac shipping soon: Mac-card and driver were presented and demoed at our booth.
Aug 1, 2000 Preview DAM-2: The successor of the DAM-1 earns a warm welcome.
Aug 1, 2000 New Tech Infos with information to 'Low Latency Optimization' and 'PC Hardware Recommendation'.
Aug 1, 2000 The RME Reference PC thrilled our guests. On this system we showed: Hammerfall with 3 ms latency at 24 track playback and active realtime sampler.

Apr 18, 2000 Keys Reader Award 2000 for RME in the category 'best value/price point'!
Apr 18, 2000 The official RME news group is online!
Apr 5, 2000 New NT driver3.82 for all RME cards.

Mar 6, 2000 Mac driver update for DIGI96series!

Jan 3, 2000 New DIGI96 Series driver4.80
Jan 3, 2000 New DIGI9652/9636 NT ASIOdriver 1.4

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