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1999 News!
Dec 13, 1999 New DIGI96 Series driver4.70 with improved DirectSound support

Nov 24, 1999 New BeOS Audio Analyserfor ADI-96 PRO
Nov 23, 1999 New Hammerfall MME driver2.1, fixes audio/MIDI sync problems with Samplitude and Cubase

Oct 22, 1999

Big Bang Boom: Millennium Attacks Part 4!

  • DIGICheck 2.5: Now for ALL DIGI cards: DIGI32 Series, DIGI96 Series and Hammerfall!
  • Driver updates for DIGI96 Series and Hammerfall: New Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and ASIO driver.
  • Update of all DIGI96 manuals: More information, more precise, more clear.
  • Complete Mac update: Updated web pages, new DIGI96 drivers, Mac-only manuals.
  • ADI-8 PRO: Revision 2.0 is shipping.
  • New prices at RME

The price of the DIGI96/8 was reduced by 10%. Despite several hardware improvements (new model) the price of the DIGI96/8 PRO was also reduced by 10% earlier this month.

Unfortunately even RME can't avoid some prices to be raised by 10%. The unexpected increase of the Yen exchange rate by 20% caused many components to become much more expensive. Additional some companies raised their prices due to the earthquake in Taiwan, and surprisingly stopped the production of some standard components. With the DIGI cards we are able to compensate the change, but both converters ADI-96 PRO and ADI-8 PRO now have a 10% higher price. As the ADI-8 PRO now ships in revision 2, with Emphasis for TDIF and DA-conversion, improved technical data and three output levels, it gets more attractive than ever. The already announced DSP-software Vocoder for the ADI-96 PRO will be available soon.

Oct 22, 1999 Windows 98 MME and ASIO 2-card driver for Project Hammerfall! New Windows NT Systray Tool for DIGI96 series. New Mac ASIO 2.0 / Soundmanager driver for DIGI96 series

Aug 24, 1999 Windows 98 MME driver for Project Hammerfall!
Aug 16, 1999 Windows NT ASIO 2.0 driver for Project Hammerfall!

Jul 13, 1999 New DIGI96 and DIGI32ASIO driver for Logic 4.0!
Jul 1, 1999

Here we go again: The Millennium Attacks Part 3!

  • Project Hammerfall shipping. THE ASIO 2.0 reference with unsurpassed performance
  • DIGI96/8 PAD shipping. THE digital/analog audio card with unsurpassed flexibility and 106 db analog S/N ratio
  • Remote Control now under BeOS. The remote and visualization software for ADI-96 PRO
  • DIGICheck version 2.0 for DIGI96 Series. Now fully NT compatible and with 8-channel level meter!

Jun 13, 1999 ASIO 2.0 for DIGI96 series!
Jun 2, 1999 Mac driver update for DIGI32 and DIGI96series!

May 16, 1999 ADI-96 PRO DSP software and Windows program Audio Analyser on our Download page! Driver updatefor DIGI96 series, version 4.1.
May 16, 1999

TheMillennium Attacks continue. Part 2:

  • ADI-8 PRO shipping. Web page updated, manual available for download
  • ADI-96 PRO shipping. Web page, software and manual updated and available for download
  • Windows 95/98 driver 4.0 for DIGI96 Series. Numerous enhancements in MME and ASIO
  • Windows NT driver 3.51 for DIGI96 Series. Numerous enhancements and the world's first NT ASIO driver!
  • First BeOS driver for DIGI96 Series. Our driver support continues to be unique

Mar 6, 1999 New NT driver for DIGI96 series includes ZLM! New Mac driversfor DIGI32 and DIGI96 series, solves playback problem with new blue/white G3 Macs!

Feb 15, 1999 New NT driverfor the DIGI96 series! Finally: Mixed Mode, Enhanced Full Duplex, Mono, word clock support!

Jan 22, 1999 Driver update: ASIO for DIGI32 and DIGI32 PRO!
Jan 12, 1999 Driver update: New Mac driver for DIGI32 Series!
Jan 8, 1999 The new DIGIChecknow is NT compatible and includes english online help and installation program.
Jan 4, 1999 Christmas is gone, but RME continues: We're starting the Millennium Attacks! Part one: RME proudly presents the new 24 Bit/96 kHz ASIO driver!

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