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RME Products in Industrial Use

RME products are in high demand not only by professional or semi-professional musicians. Especially our digital cards are plain and simple an industry standard! When reliable and unfalsified digital transmission under Windows 95/98 and NT is requested, RME's digital cards are the first choice world-wide. But also the DAM-1 and the ADI-1 are being used by 'big' companies. Even DIGICheck gained its merits by being used as a development tool for new blaster-compatible chips with digital in- and outputs.


How can this success be explained? In contrast to many other manufacturer's offering similar products, RME is an innovative company. We don't only 'put chips on a board' (as the manufacturer Soundscape puts it), but we develop and realize new and innovative ideas. RME has in the meantime issued so many detail solutions that we don't care about copies of them (made by companies 'putting chips on a board') anymore. Our advantage still remains, thanks to permanently upcoming new ideas and improved products. Care for an example? Read our List of Records.

Windows NT

When we conquered the NT market in 1997 with our first digital audio cards, RME was the only company on the market to offer NT drivers worth-while considering, and of course NT is the OS of choice for reliable industrial use.

But this also holds for broadcast and television. Wherever the task is to work around the clock without a break, NT has always been used. And what's the use of drivers knitted with a hot needle, if they lead to a software crash after 3 or 6 hours of permanent running? RME's cards and drivers never had problems with memory holes or overrunning counters. At the WDR (West German Broadcast) for instance, a DIGI96/8 PRO has not been stopped for more than a year (in the pilot project VERA, computer-generated traffic information around the clock.)


The following list is far from being complete. Even we have sort of lost track in the meantime, our products apparently being used even in the most remote places in the world. Some of the below mentioned companies use some of our cards in their own equipment, the brand name RME is not obvious. Others use cards with changed labels (OEM), modified cards, or even cards developed especially for them, which RME does not offer officially. For privacy reasons we will not indicate, which company is using which products. But you can be reassured - these companies use by far more than only one card - or two...
  • AKG Austria
  • Alcatech
  • Aureal USA
  • ARM England
  • AKM Japan
  • Bayerischer Rundfunk (German Broadcast)
  • Behringer
  • BMW
  • Boeing USA
  • Brüel & Kjaer Denmark
  • Deutsche Grammophon
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Daimler Chrysler Aerospace
  • Digital Vision Sweden
  • Deutsches Rundfunk Archiv DRA (German Broadcast Archive)
  • Fraunhofer Institut
  • Fairlight ESP Germany
  • HEAD acoustics
  • Houpert Digital Audio
  • HR (German Television/Broadcast)
  • Intel USA
  • Intermedia Austria
  • Klotz Digital AG
  • Kintzel Akustik
  • LMS Belgium
  • Mannesmann
  • Max Planck Institut
  • Mayah Communications
  • MDR (German Television/Broadcast)
  • Mercedes
  • National Semiconductor Italy
  • National Semiconductor USA
  • Neutrik Liechtenstein
  • Philips Germany
  • Philips Netherlands
  • Philips Austria
  • Pioneer Japan
  • Proton Data
  • Radio Bremen (German Television/Broadcast)
  • Renault France
  • Rhode & Schwarz
  • SAT.1
  • Schoeps
  • SEK'D
  • Sennheiser
  • Siemens
  • Sony
  • Steinberg
  • Stumpfl Austria
  • SWF (German Television/Broadcast)
  • TerraTec
  • Thomson Brand Germany
  • Universal
  • WDR (German Television/Broadcast)

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