RME Newsletter December 31, 2002

1. New Products
2. Web Site Changes
3. Latest Drivers
4. Coming Soon - DIGICheck
5. Newsletter Rebirth

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Dear customer,

Not only has 2002 been a very successful year for RME, it also brought lots of changes. Because of the big success of our products, nearly all parts of the company (RME team, manufacturing, distribution) had to be reorganized. Most likely you haven't noticed all of this, except that we had fewer new products in 2002 than in previous years.

1. New Products  (Top)

New and shipping are:
The Hammerfall DSP 9652 (successor of the DIGI9652)
The ADI-648 (a MADI from/to ADAT converter)
The TEB (TDIF Expansion Board), usable with nearly all of our cards

2. Web Site Changes (Top)

Another big change involves our web site. The web site resides now on the German server (www.rme-audio.de), and has been completely redesigned. This was done by Jeanne Quinn (www.nextofquinn.com.) Jeanne has proven to be far more than just a gifted graphics designer. In fact she repeatedly surpassed our (sure not low) expectations by at least 200%. In short: Welcome to the team!

Additionally Jeanne designed some very appealing wallpapers and a screen saver, of course available on our website. Just have a look!


3. Latest Drivers (Top)

As always the latest drivers can be found on our download page, and all changes are documented in the applicable Tech Info pages regarding driver changes. Our FAQ page is also continuously updated. The latest addition was an entry including information on Windows XP's '10 entry limit':


4. Coming Soon - DIGICheck (Top)

Soon to be released is DIGICheck 3.0. The current beta finally not only integrates all standard meters with the new functions Totalyser, Spectral Analyser and Goniometer, but is internally also designed to be completely multiclient. You can open as many Digicheck windows, with any measurement function, on any devices you like- and the CPU allows. Check it out:


5. Newsletter rebirth (Top)

Due to the many changes the RME Newsletter has been inactive - and celebrates its official rebirth today. From now on, news and information on RME will be collected and sent once a month, directly to your email address.

We wish you a fantastic 2003. May all your wishes come true!

Best regards
The RME Team

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