RME Newsletter April 30, 2001

1. New drivers released
2. Gigastudio update v 2.2
3. Hammerfall DSP delayed

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1. New drivers released (Top)

In case you missed the latest updates -
On our website you'll find several updated drivers:

DIGI96 series: version 4.96 (Win9x), version 1.36 (W2k)

Hammerfall series: version 2.60 (Win98), version 1.36 (W2k)

As always the changes, fixes and enhancements are documented within the driver archive (readme.txt) and on our website (section Tech Info, Driver Updates.) Here's an overview:

- SPDIF Out can be used with DVD software player
- Automatic sample rate change for AEBx-I when starting record

Hammerfall only:
- SPDIF I/O under MME in Double Speed mode: right channel brought back to life
- SyncAlign was de-activated
- Distortion sound after short system overload under MME and ASIO fixed
- Stuttering after short system overload using Media player fixed

Additionally the new Hammerfall drivers allow to use smaller MME buffers than ever before. The archive includes a special note (mme_new.txt) on this. When using a highly optimized audio engine (as in SONAR or SAW Studio) MME can be used at latencies formerly only available from ASIO! See the text for more information.

A driver update for NT is planned to be released soon. We will send a newsletter as soon as it is available.

2. Gigastudio update v 2.2 (Top)

Gigastudio 2.2 is now available as update on the Nemesys website. This one finally solves all the problems which are listed in our FAQ, section latest additions.

- The tool GSFIX (or any other method to change priority) is no longer needed. The priority can be set directly in Gigastudio. When running a Sequencer on the same machine and using ASIO we recommend to set it between 5 and 7.

- Changes of the buffer size and bit depth are now handled correctly and in realtime. You can now change the ASIO latency without getting chopped sounds in Gigastudio.

- These improvements are Gigastudio only (no update for Gigasampler.)

3. Hammerfall DSP delayed (Top)

The first shipment of Hammerfall DSP Digiface is delayed by about two weeks, to the mid of May. We are waiting on components from other manufacturer's to complete the package. Sorry.

Best regards
The RME Team

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