RME Newsletter November 16, 2001

1. Multiface shipping
2. Hammerfall DSP Driver and Tools Update for Windows
3. Audio/MIDI Timing inaccurate under W2k/XP Dual CPU
4. EPROM Update for ADI-8 DD
5. More frequent news in RME's forum

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1. Multiface shipping (Top)

As announced already on RME's forum, the Multiface is shipping. But due to the high demand and lots of pre-orders the unit will most probably not be available 'on stock' at many dealers before the end of the year. If you pre-ordered a unit outside of Germany you can expect to receive it within the next two weeks.

2. Hammerfall DSP Driver and Tools Update for Windows (Top)

The new driver version 2.0 of the Hammerfall DSP system can be downloaded from our website, for both Win 9x and W2k/XP. After installation of the new driver a flash update has to be performed. Download the special Flash Update Tool and follow the instructions on the screen.

Additionally we released the HDSP Meter Bridge 1.0, a highly configurable, accurate and functional level meter. It works directly with the HDSP system, thus can be used in parallel to any other program. It shows Peak, RMS and Over, all calculated directly in hardware, therefore causing only a minimal CPU load (graphics visualization.)

Also DIGICheck was updated. It includes several bugfixes, and adds support for the Multiface. Remember that special functions like the Bit Statistics need all incoming data, so they are only available when doing a record. Therefore DIGICheck will continue to be a valuable tool, even for the latest HDSP system.

As always the changes, fixes and enhancements are documented within the driver archive (readme.txt) and on our website (section Tech Info, Driver Updates.)

3. Audio/MIDI Timing inaccurate under W2k/XP Dual CPU (Top)

This issue with the MSI 6321 motherboard, which seemed to be fixed 6 months ago, has come back on the Epox EP-3DVA and the Tyan Tiger MP S2460. We have added a subdirectory within the driver archive (\audiomidifix), containing a special ASIO driver. For more detailed information please go to our website, section FAQ - Latest Additions.

4. EPROM Update for ADI-8 DD (Top)

RME offers a free EPROM update for the ADI-8 DD, the Universal Format Converter. It fixes two bugs:
BR> - CRC incorrect. Although this has no meaning for the audio data (which indeed are correct), it confuses users of digital devices which read and display the CRC status.

- Single wire to double wire and vice versa conversion not working correctly for the AES inputs.
BR> The update is needed for all devices shipped prior to the 9. November. Here is a simple way to check whether the unit needs the update:

- feed a simple 44.1 stereo signal containing music to AES input 1 (CD-player or similar)
- feed a second signal with silence (digital 0) to AES input 2 (CD-player stopped or similar)
- choose AES as input and clock source on the right side
- the level LEDs on the right side will show level only for channel 1 and 2
- activate DS on the right side
- only level LED 1 will show level

In case still both level LEDs 1/2 show level the EPROM has to be replaced. The single speed information from AES1 should be combined to be the double speed information of only one, the left channel. Therefore only the LED 1 should be active. With the new EPROM only LED 1 will show level in the above setup.

5. More frequent news in RME's forum (Top)

As you may have noticed our Newsletter is not bothering you very often. It is intended to be this way. But if you would like to be informed very fast and updated frequently on any news from RME, you are invited to join the RME forum. Here, RME is releasing news very early and often. It also covers topics that we would normally not include in a news letter, for example the 'fan bugfix' from Dell for the Inspiron 8100 notebook, or accessories which are available from RME, but not yet found on the RME website. More information on the newsgroup can be found here:


Best regards
The RME Team

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