RME Newsletter December 13, 2000

1. Driver update Hammerfall ME/2000/Mac
2. Update DIGICheck
3. Enhanced manual ADI-8 DS
4. Test software for Hammerfall series

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1. Driver update Hammerfall ME/2000/Mac (Top)

On all platforms changes of the sample rate at the SPDIF input were not reported to the ASIO host in AutoSync mode, and the channel status of the SPDIF sample rate was set incorrectly.

Additionally under Windows98 the multiclient operation of ASIO/GSIF has been improved. In GSIF operation the numbering of multiple cards was corrected. In multicard operation the second ASIO card wasn't usable when the first card was used from GSIF.

Gigasampler/Studio still contains two bugs which can't be fixed on our side. Detailed information will be available soon on our website, under FAQ - Latest Additions. Here's the most important issue: in multiclient GSIF/ASIO operation the latency must be set to maximum (186 ms) before starting any audio software. Reason: GSIF can handle a decrease of the ASIO latency, but not an increase!

Current versions:
Windows 98-ME: 2.58
Windows 2000: 1.32
MacOS: 1.52

2. Update DIGICheck (Top)

The latest DIGICheck 2.7 is now fully compatible to Windows 2000 (i.e. Memory Test and Performance Test.) Furthermore the user can now set a fixed sample rate. This is helpful for example when using a Hammerfall and an ADI-8 DS in double speed mode.

3. Enhanced manual ADI-8 DS (Top)

The manual of the ADI-8 DS (v 1.3) has been revised and extended with a note and explanation to the performance in 96kHz operation.

4. Test software for Hammerfall series (Top)

On the Hammerfall's download page you'll find a new, fully automated test software. Please note the link to the corresponding Tech Info describing the software in detail.

Best regards
The RME Team

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