RME Newsletter April 19, 2005

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Dear RME customer,

This newsletter has been inactive for quite some time. The news have been either presented on our website, in our newsgroup, or by press releases. The newsgroup does a good job in spreading small news quickly. But we are aware that you might not be interested in reading or constantly monitoring the newsgroup, just to get informed about driver updates and similar topics.

Therefore, from now on all news, be it big or small ones, will be presented on our special news page:


Please have a look. News is divided into monthly sections, and even 'silent' updates of existing drivers will be mentioned here from now on.

Please bookmark this page and visit it regularly. Alternatively, free software is available via the www which can be set up easily to monitor this page, and notify you as soon as the page is modified. There are even free web services which can monitor this page for you and notify you as soon as a change is detected.

Thank you for your understanding,
The RME Team

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