RME Newsletter April 24, 2003

1. New ASIO multiclient drivers
2. New DIGICheck 3.1
3. New products in 2003
4. Awards for Hammerfall DSP system

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1. New ASIO multiclient drivers (Top)

RME has just released new W2k/XP ASIO multi-client drivers for the Hammerfall and Hammerfall DSP series. These are the news:

- ASIO multi-client operation. Of course you still have to make sure that all applications use exclusive channels on playback. So Cubase on 1 to 6, Wavelab on 7/8, Samplitude on 9 to 14, Reaktor on 15/16...or whatever you like. INPUTS are fully multiclient, so you can even use the same channels on different ASIO programs (this feature is also used for the new DIGICheck, which uses an ASIO interface for full record/playback multi-client operation, see below). And of course all applications have to use the same sample rate.

Hammerfall DSP series:

Hammerfall series:

Just a note: in an earlier driver update we added direct multichannel surround playback, via analog or ADAT output. To use this feature we recommend PowerDVD 4.0 as DVD player. WinDVD can playback 2 channels, and AC3 via SPDIF, but can't be used for this new multichannel playback feature at this time.

As always the changes, fixes and enhancements are documented within the driver archive (readme.txt) and on our website (section Tech Info, Driver Updates).

2. New DIGICheck 3.1 (Top)

A pre-release of DIGICheck 4.0 has just been released. It will change the way you have worked until now significantly. Why?

  • Because DIGICheck is now working as hi-performance, fully multiclient ASIO host
  • Because you can analyze any input and playback channel completely independent from the currently running software (no output analyzis for non-Hammerfall cards, sorry).
  • Because you can analyze and measure signals above 0 dBFS (read the online help for more information on this interesting stuff)
  • Because the screen refresh rate can now be changed to give a realtime-like display (System Settings) with an extremely smooth release behavior
  • Because this is all too good to be true - yes, it's still free!

Download it here:

This version is DIGICheck 3.1. We have a big list of further new features, bug fixes and improvements for the final 4.0. We expect about two more pre-releases in the next 8 weeks. There is just one current limitation that one should be aware of. The preferred sample rate will change the current sample rate if the card is master, even when another ASIO host is already running. And when using an ASIO Output Device, the sample rate is never set (the option will be grayed out later).

Please note that this version requires our latest Hammerfall (2.05) and HDSP (2.53) drivers to take advantage of all the advanced features.

3. New products in 2003 (Top)

RME has announced several new products to be shipped in 2003:

4. Awards for Hammerfall DSP system (Top)

Meanwhile the Hammerfall DSP system has won some remarkable awards. In december 2002, Computer Music gave the Multiface a 10 out of 10, the Ultimate Buy award and the Performance award. In January 2003 the Hammerfall DSP system won the Electronic Musician Editor's Choice. In march 2003 the Hammerfall DSP system won the Keys reader award as 'best audio hardware' for the second time (also back in march 2002!).

This tells us that we are doing it right. But we won't stop here. The Hammerfall DSP system is growing, and will be enhanced further by flash and driver updates. We will work hard to win some more awards ;-)

Best regards

The RME Team

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