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Software Update Version 2.0

RMS/Peak Level Meter VU Meter Error and Level Analyzer Fast Access More Pricing

If you are new to the DAM-1 please first visit our DAM-1 Software Online page, or download the complete de-installable demo version 2.0. Download demo for Windows 95/98/NT


The RMS/Peak Level Meter, Peak Level Meter and the new VU Meter (see below) are also available in horizontal mode. By using the full width of the screen an extreme resolution is possible (1 dB steps even with a high dynamic range), and the meters can be left occupying less space at the top or bottom of the screen (remember the menu can be disabled).

The combined RMS/Peak Level Meter is a useful tool (not only) to determine the difference between short peaks and the effective level, thus indicating the 'loudness' of the material viewed. This is even more true for the new VU Meter! Thanks to a long attack time (200 ms) short bursts or spikes won't change the level displayed, thus giving a better indication of the real loudness of your mix.

Where to use:

Display of the level according to its loudness, display of the level as defined in the ASA standard.




We changed the way the Error and Level Analyser stores its data, so the former barrier of 205 minutes is gone. Now the logging of the digital signal may be running as long you want. To reduce the memory load of Windows the duration of the log process can be pre-defined. A log file of 10 hours needs only 200 kB memory, thus a logging over several days is possible even on older machines.

To find errors fast even in a huge error file we implemented a search routine. A click on one of the error indicators will result in a jump of the cursor to the next error of this category. This makes it very easy to localize errors in the graphical diagram.

When analyzing errors the Validity bit is most important. Because of this we changed the error counter regarding the Validity bit from timesteps (per second) to samples. The Statistic Window now shows the exact amount of Validity errors of both channels.

Many users wanted a timebased printout of all errors. Version 2.0 generates such a list with the button 'Report'. The resulting file can be viewed on the screen, or be formatted and printed out with a text based software.

Where to use:

Recognition and documentation of sporadic errors at devices with digital output · Long term logging of digital transmissions.



Version 2.0 now includes fast switching between all measurement with a hotkey function:
  • L rms/peak Level meter
  • V Vu meter
  • P Peak level meter
  • each with additional Caps key: horizontal
  • K Correlation meter
  • B Bitstatistic
  • E Error analyzer
  • F error analyzer File viewer
  • N Noise level meter
  • D Dc offset meter
  • C Channel status display
  • M Channel status Modifier
  • O no Operation

Switching between the functions is now significantly faster and more stable thanks to some code optimizations and a better display routine.

If you add the above letters as parameter to the start order of the DAM-1 software (for example path\dam1.exe /L) the software comes up with the corresponding function.

Version 2.0 includes some more enhancements and additions:
  • 3 different release times for the peak meter (fast, medium, slow)
  • Setup of Min Level, Max Level and Warning Range separate for each meter
  • User definable color of Normal Range and Warning Range
  • Double click on a *.cst file loads this into the running program (instead of starting the program a second time)
  • User definable number of LED's for the Correlation Meter
  • Closing the program in Status Modifier mode does not reset the DSP, so the actual Channel Status will not change
  • Best Fit changes the frame size of the window to perfectly fit to the actual function
See your local distributor's website for current price information.

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