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AUDIO LEVEL METERS (RMS Level Meter, Peak Level Meter, VU Meter)

These functions display the audio level as bar graphs and numerical values with a resolution of 0.1 dB. Every single sample is used for computing Peak level and RMS level. Overs are indicated when more than a user defined count (1 to 20) of consecutive full scale samples occur. The visible display range (maximum, minimum and warning level) as well as the hold time of the Peak Hold function (0.2 up to 100 s) can be set easily by the user. Full access to all parameters allows to display the whole range or just to zoom in to a very small range.

The le
vel is measured in dBFS where a full scale (sine) signal represents 0dB. The RMS Level Meter uses 16 bits of the audio data stream, while the Peak Level Meter uses full 24 bit resolution, allowing the measuring of levels down to -160 dBFS. The Peak Level Meter also includes a long term peak hold display. The VU Meter is - thanks to a long attack time - ideal to display the loudness of a music related signal.




  • Applications:

    Level metering at recording and editing of audio material, i.e. at the output of ADC's, mixer consoles or effect processors; testing of audio equipment, i.e. signal to noise ratio, detection of level changes; monitoring of digital transmission lines.

This meter consists of a RMS Level Meter and a meter for the mathematical correlation between left and right channel (better known as phase), shown in numerical values and a LED-scale. The values are computed using 16 bits of the audio data stream. Below a user defined minimum level the display of the correlation value is suppressed.

The number of LED's in the Correlation Meter is adjustable. If it exceeds 15 the width of each LED is reduced to the halve, so they need less space as shown in the picture to the right.






  • Applications:

    Checking the mono- and broadcasting compatibility; checking the microphone positioning for recording
LEVEL AND ERROR LOGGING (Error and Level Analyser)
Here the audio peak level is again measured with 24 bit word length. The level is displayed as numerical value and as bar graph. After clicking the Start button the maximum level is recorded in one second steps and displayed on a time scale. Furthermore the error states of the digital audio stream (No-Lock Error, Biphase Coding Error, Parity Error, CRC-Error and Validity Bit High) are detected and also written into the diagram. When a recording is finished (maximum length 125 minutes) the data can be examined (with fast scroll and cursor functions) and saved to disk.

A window called Statistics presents a complete summary of the recording, time and date, maximum levels, the number of errors that occurred etc. The user can complete these information by adding entries about the audio material or other comments. A printout is also available.

The button 'Report' starts an export function. It compiles a file out of all information shown in the statistics, plus all errors along with their presence in the time domain (timestamp.) The entries are separated by tab stops, which allows easy import to text or calculation programs.

Saved files can be loaded, viewed and printed without the need of the DSP hardware connected to the PC. This is done using the function Error And Level File-Viewer.

  • Applications:

    Easy overview on the actual recording level over time; general checking of audio material, i.e. master tapes; detection of sporadic errors of audio equipment; long term monitoring of digital audio lines

This function decodes and displays the channel status information contained in the digital audio data stream according to the actual standards. In addition the real sample rate is measured with high accuracy (1 Hz.) A printing function provides a hardcopy of the channel status table, completed with information about date, time and a user defined text.
  • Applications:

    Universal tool to examine all kinds of incompatibilities between audio devices, i.e. different standards, wrong emphasis coding, copy protection etc.; identification of audio material (origin etc.); measurement of the real sample rate when testing audio equipment
This mode again decodes and displays the channel status information contained in the digital audio data stream. The Modifier now allows the user to change the Channel Status Data on the signal obtained at the outputs of the DAM-1. A second table shows all possible status information, the selection is done interactive with one click. Output states can be saved in files for complete recall at later time. Printing of all information is also possible.
  • Applications:

    Connecting audio devices of different standards (consumer and professional); changing the copy protection state; testing digital audio devices, e.g. emphasis coding, copy protection etc.
TESTING AUDIO DEVICES (Noise Level Meter and DC Offset Meter)
These two functions are level meters with large integration times. The Noise Level Meter displays the RMS level (AC + DC, 24 bit word length), and is suitable for measuring noise levels of all kinds of digital audio equipment. The DC Offset Meter measures the DC part of digital audio signals.
  • Applications:

    Measuring signal to noise ratio of digital audio equipment, i.e. A/D-converters, DAT etc.; detecting DC in digital audio material

This function shows the state of the audio bits. Three states are detected: always low (0), alternating and always high (1.) Alternating means the bit is in use, zero indicates unused bits and permanent one is often caused by a defective ADC.

  • Applications:

    Checking the real word length of audio equipment or digital audio data; error detection
The new software version 2.0 adds some more stunning features to the DAM-1. Read all about it here

The complete un-installable Windows 95 / NT demo shows all features of version 2.0 Download Demo

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