TECH INFO is the place for you to find more detailed technical information and special details about our products. Additionally, you will find detailed explanations on various subjects, which didn't fit into the manuals.

Current documents and regularly updated ones:

FireWire Audio by RME - Technical Background
FireWire 800 under Windows XP SP2
FireWire 800 Hardware - Compatibility Problems
List of driver updates Fireface 800
List of Driver Updates DIGI96 Series
List of Driver Updates Hammerfall Series
List of Driver Updates Hammerfall DSP system
List of Driver Updates Hammerfall DSP MADI
HDSP System: TotalMix - Hardware and Technology (05/12/2001)
HDSP System: TotalMix - Software, features, operation (05/12/2001)
DIGICheck: Test, Measurement and Analysis Tool for the RME interfaces (06/23/2004)
SteadyClock: RME's latest Clock technology - Theory and Operation (12/09/2004)

HDSP System and Laptops:

HDSP System: Notebook Basics - Notebook Hardware (06/01/01)
HDSP System: Notebook Basics - The Audio Notebook in Practice (06/11/01)
HDSP System: Notebook Basics - Background Knowledge and Tuning (06/02/01)
HDSP System: Notebook Tests - Compatibility and Performance (05/01/02)
Notebooks/Laptops: User reactions, comments and tips (06/11/01)

RME proudly presents: Fahlen's corner

DAW Performance & Compatibility with Motherboards/Chipsets Featuring PCIe (01/18/2006)
Notes on the Complexity of Measuring True Performance Differences with DAW Stress Tests (01/18/2006)
nForce4 Single CPU Chipset - DAW Stress Test Reports (03/18/2005)
CPU Spike every 2 minutes - Intel 9xx Chipset (03/18/2005)
How to Tweak and Configure the nForce2 Chipset and ASUS A7N8X for Digital Audio Recording (05/04/2003)


ADI-1 Inside (05/08/98)
ADI-8 PRO Inside (09/25/99)
Synchronization (DIGI32 series) (06/05/98)
Synchronization II (DIGI96 series) (01/09/99)
TMS: Track Marker Support (09/15/99)
Dither ADI-1 / ADI-8 PRO: Remarks about the Need for Dither (09/25/99)
Unrecognized diSturbing Bus: USB kills audio (02/13/01)
Low Latency Background: Buffers and Latency Jitter (08/08/00)
Low Latency Background: Monitoring, ZLM and ASIO (08/08/00)
Tuning Tips for Low Latency operation (Windows 9.x) (04/30/00)
The RME Reference PCs: Hardware recommendations
The Big RME/AMD Survey: User reports on Athlon/RME-based audio workstation
Installation Problems
Configuration of Samplitude, Cubase and Logic using DIGI32 Series (06/06/98)
Configuration of Cakewalk 7.0 and SAWPlus32 using DIGI32 Series (07/27/98)
Configuration of Sonar 2.0 using DIGI96 Series (05/10/02)
Configuration of Sonar 2.0 using Hammerfall Series (05/10/02
EPROM updates Hammerfall series
List of driver updates DIGI32 series
Hammerfall Test Software: Hardware Check
Hammerfall DSP Test Software: Hardware Check

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