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New products introduced at the musikmesse 2013 in Frankfurt



The world's first USB 3.0 audio interface
not only has 3 MADI I/Os with 64 channels each, but also 2 mic/line inputs, 2 XLR line and one stereo phones output, plus one AES/EBU I/O - a total of 196 audio inputs and 198 audio outputs. Plus several MIDI ports via USB, MADI and DIN. To use all this in a portable device with the typical RME performance, the XT uses external PCI Express and USB 3.0 to guarantee hi-speed data transfer. It also features TotalMix FX, can be used completely stand-alone, remote controlled via MIDI and much more.

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OctaMic XTC

OctaMic XTC

The all purpose hi-end preamp/converter
The OctaMic XTC is the swiss army knife among RME's interfaces. An advanced eight channel microphone/line/instrument preamplifier with 192 kHz / 24 bit A/D conversion, AutoSet, four channel D/A conversion for analog or digital input monitoring, and full MIDI remote control via USB, DIN and MADI were not enough to stop RME's engineers. ADAT, AES and MADI optical operate as outputs as well as full-channel inputs, easily patched and routed with the comfortable TFT display - turning the XTC into a full blown digital format converter.
Quick access to all functions makes the XTC extremely fast and easy to set up. Its complete state can be saved and recalled from internal presets.

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MADI portability at its best
The MADIface USB is a compact device that provides MADI I/O via USB2 while supporting the format's full 64 channels. Its sturdy and bus-powered design makes it as easy to use as reliable in operation. SteadyClock as well as RME's well known MADI compatibility ensure hassle-free operation with other devices.

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New MADI Routers & Converters

MADI Routers and Converters

RME refreshes its Premium Line with a range of exciting new products for digital multichannel transmission and conversion:

MADI Router, AES3 Router, AES3 Converter, ADAT Router, ADAT Converter

All three routers are equipped with a TFT display for easy operation and status overview, redundant (double) power supplies, and USB ports for preset storage and firmware updates.

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TotalMix FX App

TotalMix FX App

TotalMix FX for iPad® adds full control over hardware mixer and DSP effects for Fireface UFX and UCX when in Class Compliant mode, and lets users create, store and load complete mixes directly from the iPad. Additionally hardware controls like phantom power for microphone inputs, mic/line/instrument switching and sample rate are supported.

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The expected shipment date of all new products is Summer 2013.

Hot News

07/18/2014 DIGICheck Win 5.72 released.   

07/11/2014 Windows USB driver for Fireface UC, UCX, 802, UFX and Babyface, v 1.053.   

06/16/2014 Windows USB driver for MADIface USB and XT, v 0.9387.   

06/13/2014 Windows FireWire driver for Fireface 400, 800, 802, UCX, UFX, v 3.094.   

06/04/2014 Windows driver 3.42 for HDSP and HDSPe Series.   

06/03/2014 TotalMix for iPad version 1.11 is now available on the App Store.

05/05/2014 Mac driver 3.08 for HDSPe Series.   

04/02/2014 Windows and Mac firmware updates for UFX, 802, UCX, Babyface.   

03/27/2014 Mac USB driver v 1.95 released.   

02/27/2014 Windows driver 1.19, Mac driver 1.14 for HDSPe MADI FX / MADIface XT.   

02/05/2014 MIDI Remote 1.7 for Windows and Mac.   

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The pioneer spirit of this trio from Germany has been the driving factor behind their musical creativeness for the past 16 years and has united critics, fans and fellow musicians in the conviction that they are "three of the most revolutionary individuals in the german music scene".

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